Tuesday, February 06, 2018

How To Change Default LANG on Kali Desktop Environment

As a root, you can edit /root/.dmrc and make a change on the parameter Language under [Desktop] to, for example, en_US.utf8

Finally it should look like:


Prior to this, you may also need to generate the locale en_US.UTF-8 using below command as a root:

dpkg-reconfigure locales

Monday, March 02, 2015

SM Length and Data Coding for Each Short Message Using SAR (Huawei SMSC V300R002C40LG0008)

Take this note into your consideration when using SAR for Huawei SMSC V300R002C40LG0008
data_coding = 0 the length of each short message is 153
data_coding = 1 the length of each short message is 134
data_coding = 8 the length of each short message is 67

Silent or Ghost Short Message SMPP Setting

Mandatory SMPP Parameter Name
Set Value

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Spiritual Smile Of A Sport Man

Looking at the picture that I took after football match against Mobitel reminds me funny activities during the party. Even though the final score had embarrassed our Huawei team but we were not serious about that. Good relationship means important for us as an employee of Huawei Cambodia Representative Office. Everyone really enjoyed that occasion; we laughed, drank and felt so exhausted after match which was held in Prek Leap Secondary School of Agriculture's soccer field. Because of ninety minute match we really wanted to recharge so Huawei team was pleased to invite Mobitel Team for the party together with Chinese and Malaysian staffs from HQ and regional office.

The party was a real pleasure for us; I was one among all that was satisfied with the party. I drank a lot but I'm sorry to tell you that I ate less [Sic!]. I was taken many photos and I prefer to show you here the man of the day, getting drunk and started smiling to look for lover [Nho Nhem Rok Snè].

Time flies very quickly and many things have been changed and will keep being changed, who knows? I left Huawei again in April 2006 for the sake of shifting from one working environment to another and experiencing my own life. Will this happiness still remain and keep close to us?